This is an unofficial Rancid site made by a Rancid fan and collector. Unfortunately I'm not so good at creating websites so graphics and sections are not so cool but I hope you will enjoy all the stuff contained in it. That's also the reason why it tooks me THAT long to get the job done. I started working on it during 2006 and i had a beta website up for 8 years with a free domain on altervista. But this went too big and the free domain couldnt contain new stuff so right now i decided to re-shape the looks of the website and buy a serious domain to keep it going forever

First off, please do not copy/steal images or contents from my site, please respect my work because it took so much time to take all the pictures and make all pages. If you want something JUST ASK, I'll be glad to satisfy any requests.

Here you will find all the information you need about official releases on any format possible (CD, tape, vinyl), about singles, promotional stuff and bootlegs. I began working on this site starting with the items from my own Rancid collection, and some more owned by personal friends of mine, so the list is obviously not complete... help is always welcome, and one thing you can do for this purpose is to check the release numbers on your items: maybe you own a different version than mine, or a different edition, or you may even have some stuff i need pictures of.

On all discography pages you can click on the LABEL/CAT# section to see pictures of every LPS LABEL. This is available only for vinyl records, because I know how important it is to be able to see every detail of the label placed on the album cover.

When i finished working on the discography sections I was not completely satisfied about the site so I tought to extend it adding some other stuff like the band Biography, upcoming and past band's Tourdates.
I also added an update page of my Rancid Rare Live Bootlegs I can trade for others CD and DVD. NOT SELL just TRADE
The Wanted section of the site contains a list of the stuff I am interested in buying or trading, so take a look.
I've also added Lyrics for some albums so check them in the album section clicking on songs track list. Others will come as soon as possible.

After years of viewing ebay listings with clearly RANCID FAKE SIGNATURES, i've decided to put up my personal stuff signed by all Rancid members so fans can check to see what they really look like and not getting robbed with ebay fakes

Please note that this site has NO LUCRATIVE PURPOSE, the stuff you can see is NOT for sale, it's just for references and a tribute to my favourite band

I also added a forum/board where you can get in contact with others fans all around the world so check this shit out

I wanna take the chance to really thank everybody who helped me making this site:

- My girlfriend, for all the support she gave me during all the days of work
- Marco Ferrero, for all the pictures from his incredible collection and for his help building the tourdates list
- Marc Leibowitz, for most of the test pressing showed on the site

- All the guys who sent me their personal and private pictures for the pics section
- Marvin to making the Rancid Biography appearing on this site
- All my Rancid fan friends
- At last, thanks to Rancid for giving me all that great times enjoying their music and following them all around the world

See ya in the pit

- Simone